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Call for papers

Call for papers

  • Submissions
ES issues an annual call for papers in May.
Deadline for submission of originals: 30th November. (Submissions throughout the year will also be welcome)
Acceptance of originals: April.
ES is pleased to receive contributions in English.
Authors should send their submissions by email ( The Editors will acknowledge reception of contributions shortly after, and will then get back to authors once the peer review process has ended.


  • Author guidelines 

1. Proposals must be submitted in a Word file and sent to

2. No personal details may appear in the text of the manuscript or in the properties of the file. Authors must ensure that all identifying markers in the text and in the document properties are removed from the submitted proposal. 

Authors are asked to provide the following information in a separate file:
- Author’s full name*:
- Institution/Affiliation:
- Department:
- Position:
- Institutional address:
- Institutional e-mail:
- Statement that the article is not under consideration in any other publication.
*If there is more than one author, please include all the information from each.
If authors do not comply with these preliminary requirements, their proposals will be returned.

3. The proposals should address theoretical or empirical issues related to the research areas specified above. Article proposals should be between 6,000 and 8,000 words including all sections (i.e. abstract, keywords, text, tables, illustrations, acknowledgements, footnotes and references). Book reviews should be from 1,500 to 2,000 words (books reviewed should have been released in the last two years).

4. Each proposal must be accompanied by a 150-word abstract and 5 keywords or phrases, both in English and in Spanish. The abstract and the keywords should convey the essential aspects of the contribution.

5. Requirements of proposals to be considered for publication:
5.1. The articles must be original and include relevant critical reflections concerning any of the topics relevant to ES.
5.2. The articles must be adequately and clearly written, following the style sheet described below.
5.3. The articles must present a sound theoretical approach, a well-designed methodology, well-supported statements and results, as well as reasonable conclusions.
5.4. The book reviews should include a concise and accurate summary of the book under consideration, providing a clear idea of the contents.

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