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Past issues

ES 33 (2012)

Miriam Borham Puyal

Reading Don Quixote as Political Agent: A Spanish Knight in British Ideological and Literary Wars


Roberto del Valle Alcalá

Re-Visiting George Orwell's Later Politics: Socialist Itineraries and Abysmal Imaginings


Carme Farré Vidal

The Bare Bones of Social Commentary in Kathy Reichs' Fiction


María Jesús Fernández Gil

Allegorical Traces of the Traumatic in Cynthia Ozick's The Shawl


Macarena García-Avello

The Paradoxes of Memory in Anne Michael's Fugitive Pieces"The Limits of my Language [...]"


Rebeca Gualberto Valverde

The Fantastic Modernistor Henry James's The Turn of the Screw, revisited


María de la O Hernández López

The Display of Emotions as Relational Practice in Genre-Based Cross-Cultural Contexts: When Health Matters


Aitor Ibarrola-Armendáriz

Reconsidering Gender, Class, and Racial Issues in Zora Neale Hurston's Their Eyes Were Watching God: What Hidden Attitudes Do Hurricanes Unleash?


Mª José Marín Pérez

How Relevant Are Latin Wordforms and Clusters in Legal English?: A Corpus-Based Study on the Representativeness and Specificity of such Elements in UKSCC: an "ad hoc" Legal Corpus


Ricardo Marín Ruiz & Margarita Rigal Aragón

A Proposal for Teaching American History through Literature: Literary Representations of Colonial America


Raquel Mateo Mendaza

The Old English Adjectival Suffixes "-cund" and "-isc": Textual Occurrences and Productivity


Marta Miquel-Baldellou

The Discourse of Ageing in Edgar Allan Poe'So Terribly Altered, in so Brief a Period'


María Dolores Pérez Bernal

An Alternative to George Lakoff and Mark Turner's Approach to Poetic Metaphors: The Projection of Contexts


Miquel Pomar Amer

Kaukab in Maps for Lost Lovers, by Nadeem Aslam: Representing and Subverting the Unspeakability of the Subaltern


Agustín Reyes Torres

Deon Meyer's Dead before Dying: Voices and Representation of the New South Africa


María Luisa Roca Varela

Corpus Linguistics and Language Teaching: Learning English Vocabulary through Corpus Work


Andrea Rosca

How Conceptual Structure Impinges on Constructional Behavior: The Case of "Give" Verbs


Melania Terrazas Gallego

Dialogue and Women's Lives in John McGahern's Amongst Women and Claire Keegan's The Forester's Daughter


Patricia San José Rico

Book review: Margarita Rigal Aragón ed. Los Legados de Poe (2011)


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ES 33 (2012)

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