This project explores the relationship between the Iberian Peninsula and the British Isles during the long early modern period, presenting a multidisciplinary analysis of the relation between these interconnected political and geographical enclaves in Western Europe.

Thus, our project tackles the question of how to interpret the heritage left by the diverse exile communities of British and Irish people in the Iberian Peninsula, and by the Spanish and Portuguese travelling to Britain and Ireland: women and men exiled for religious reasons as well as travelers, merchants and diplomats.

We analyze how this presence of British and Irish people in the Peninsula, and vice versa, brought about complex networks that contributed to establish the basis of a common culture of exchange of ideas and artistic expression. These “visitors” faced a world that was very different from their own, so establishing networks of exchange became a basic strategy for mutual understanding between communities and individuals. Our group studies a range of networks: political, diplomatic and religious as well as those derived from travel and commerce. Their resulting textual production and transmission is our main source of research.

Exile and religion

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Our latest news:

Brilliant talks by project members rounded off the seminar series "Impious itineraries" 😍
Óscar Ruiz on #horses 🐴 as #diplomatic #gifts and RF Yeager on a medieval English #manuscript 📖owned by #CondeduquedeOlivares
#anglospanish #earlymodernexchanges #bookhistory

Itinerant objects! #earlymodernexchanges #gifts #manuscripts #diplomacy #anglospanish #bookcollecting #horses
Don’t miss the golden brooch of this @Warburg_News seminar!

If last week’s seminar, "Itineraries of the Faith," was fantastic… just wait for the next one, the last one of the series: “Itineraries of Objects”, with Óscar Ruiz Fernández and R.F. Yeager speaking
🗓️ 28 June 17h BST
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⌛️⌛️ Only three days to go until the online seminar "Itineraries of the Faith"
🗓️ 14 June 17h BST @Warburg_News
Don't miss out - free online registration 📝
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