Past Activities

  • Berta Cano, coordinator of Cervantes + Shakespeare 1615-2016, 27th International Sederi Conference (Valladolid, 2016).

  • Mark Hutchings and Berta Cano. Taller de investigación Diplomacy and Exile Communities in Early Modern Europe (2012).

  • Ana Sáez-Hidalgo, organizer of the International Congress: John Gower in Iberia: Six Hundred Years. II International Congress of the John Gower Society (2011).

  • Glyn Redworth, organizer of the research workshop Luisa de Carvajal, Her Life, Times, and Works (2010).

  • Ángel Alloza and Glyn Redworth: Seminario de investigación: From across the Channel: Contemporary Readings of the English Revolution (2010).